Bulan: Oktober 2007

Fight Against the Giant..

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Suart dibawah ini adalah pernyataan dari Castle Project Team untuk Microsoft tentang rencana mereka akan mengeluarkan MVC Pattern untuk web application. Bagaimana nasib web form setelah model MVC di pake untuk ASP.NET? mungkin hanya Tuhan dan Microsoft yang tahu 😀 ? saya belum pernah nyoba LINQ dan ADO.NET Entity Manager. Saya sudah nyaman dengan ActiveRecord dan untuk Web Development saya jelas pilih MonoRail. Lebih jelas lagi saya pilih Castle Project!!!

Regarding the Microsoft MVC

To The .Net Community,

You are probably wondering how the recently announced Microsoft MVC project will compete with Castle’s MonoRail.

We think that any attempt to offer more productive tools, better testability and better separation of concerns is valuable, no matter who is the author. We are certainly pleased to see that Microsoft is delivering something that allows a more agile and productive type of web software development.

We also believe that MonoRail has been providing the same thing for the past two and half years, and will continue to do so. We’re grateful that MS has chosen to offer integration points for Monorail and the Castle stack and as soon as it’s available we will be working to integrate it with the rest of our projects.

Is MS’ MVC better? Worse? Only once we have used both will we be able to tell.

Yours sincerely,
The Castle Project PMC